Consultation Boards

The Consultation Boards provide background information to the development and identify the constraints and opportunities of the site which have influenced our draft proposals.


This is an opportunity for the local people to tell us how the development will affect them and if there are any issues that this development will be able to address. For instance:

  • Are you or anyone you know in need of affordable housing in Emmer Green?
  • Is there a need for housing for first time buyers and/or housing for young professionals in Emmer Green?
  • Are there any particular types of houses that Emmer Green is currently lacking?
  • Are there community facilities that you would like to see improved or developed as part of this scheme?


If you support or are opposed to new housing on this site, please tell us why.

How can I comment?


Irrespective of your views towards future development we are keen to receive your suggestions and ideas for community uses and facilities so we can include these wherever possible.


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